When you go home...


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What do you look forward to at home after a long day at school/work?
What're the first things you do once you get home?

For me just leaving work is something to look forward to, even though being at home and running after an 18 m/o isn't easy.

The first thing I do when I get home is take off my daughter's and my shoes. Then I turn on the A/C and have a cold drink.


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I don't go to school/work, but if I'm out most of the day and just came back home, the first thing I do is wash my hands then grab my kids and do some cuddles in bed.


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First thing I do when I walk through my door is to drop my crap and let the dogs out to pee. Then depending on if I'm going to the gym or having to work a double I'll either change for the gym or get something to eat really fast. I probably could have that luxury of just plopping on a couch and vegging in front of the TV but I can't do that until after the gym.
Being alone. It's nice to just lay down and be alone without having to talk to anybody or entertain anybody. Whew, that's the best part of the day.


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I go to the gym or run outside as soon as I get home. Occasionally I meet up with a friend for dinner.

I have become increasingly busy during the week.

I really just look forward to about an hr or 2 before bed I watch family guy and eat doritos. Been doing that for about 2 weeks and enjoy every minute of it.


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After a long day at work, i like to come home, grab a feed turn the tv on, sit at the computer and use it for a bit, (but kinda watch tv at the same time)
then after doing that for a bit, i then make dinner,


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Usually after work I get home, and change. Then what will usually happen is I'll go right on the computer until my father wakes up and then watch webisodes, and Burn Notice, usually I'm pretty pooped so I'll just veg out on the couch, and play videos games. My routine is pretty up in the air, once school starts back up I'll get into a pattern and I'll keep at that for virtually the whole year.


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Go to the bathroom. :lol:

I don't use public bathrooms, so it's almost an always for sure thing when coming home from classes. =/

After that I either practice, get on my computer, or get into bed depending on the circumstances. (like if I'm feeling really good I'll do the first, if I'm not feeling so good, the second, or if I'm feeling pretty bad, the last.)