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Discussion in 'Cards & Board Games' started by lavoidgaskins, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. lavoidgaskins

    lavoidgaskins Registered Member

    .................does your heart race? Do you feel as if you are under exstrem pressure? Do you sweat a lot? I know I do when I have intense games. When they aren't intense then I'm calm, but when there is a lot on the line I just can't help it. What about the rest of you.

  2. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    No. I'm very calm, unless I end up getting some amazing streak of luck or bad luck. It's like Poker in a way, you need to stay calm to keep yourself from getting flustered or full of yourself when your luck or playing is good or bad.

    I remember dueling this kid at the dawn of LON, when I had a Hayabusa Knight deck. It was my first duel of the tournament. His deck was loaded with all the new cards, 3 Geminis, 3 Kycoo's, United We Stand, and Mage Power. He did 7900 damage to me first turn. As hopeless as it looked, let's just say I ended the day 12-0 and obviously, I won the tourney. It was because I kept a strong focus and didn't let bad luck phase me or break my concentration.
  3. Cheekie3

    Cheekie3 Guest

    i get kind of nervous when i make it far, nad/or have to play a pro player.

    but then i don't usually make it far so its not too much of a problem xD
  4. lavoidgaskins

    lavoidgaskins Registered Member

    Merc you realy are that damn good. I wish I could have played yo back in your prime. Oh well. For being so good you get karma.

    Don't say things like that. You have what it takes to make it up t here. The pro players are the same as you and I. Don't let fear take over just becuase they are who they are. Just get in there and have a clear head.
  5. Fauyd1

    Fauyd1 Guest

    Im probably the most nonchalant player there is, the better the person I play against the better I play, I dont get nervous I just think a little more. the only time I get really get nervous at all is if I am siding, in the late game when I am topdecking, and when I play against Stein. I also never get upset, Im too mellow, and burnt out for that, well that and the realization that its a children's card game. lol.
  6. lavoidgaskins

    lavoidgaskins Registered Member

    I'm surprised a player lik eyour self would call Yu-Gi-Oh! a childs game when we aren't children and most dueliest treat this as a cash game.

    Moving on why do you get nervous in those situations?
  7. oxyMORON

    oxyMORON A Darker Knight

    I remember I just sat there. my heart only raced when I wanted the guy to hurry up.
  8. lavoidgaskins

    lavoidgaskins Registered Member

    Are you talking about every player you ever faced or one person in perticular?
  9. in Most Duels i Phyche out the new players or younger kids since I can keep an entirely straight poker face which has won me duels because they are afraid of attacking or reacting to anything since they can't tell if i get a good hand or not.
  10. Vidic15

    Vidic15 No Custom Title Exists V.I.P. Lifetime

    When I duel...I am calm..I am not like an sweating dog..

    I play carefully and that calms me...

    Why would anybody sweat in an duel?

    Its just for fun

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