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when you are lonely..........


Registered Member
....what is the first thing you do? Is it necessary that you fill it up with a person? Or can it be a book or movie or music?


aka ginger warlock
Good question, I tend to watch something that makes me laugh to try and distract me from the situation but I will also go online and check the news etc to distract me.


Registered Member
I usually call my friend and we go and do something, unless he's working in which case I'll watch something funny on tv, listen to music or come on here.

Like it's been mentioned, we do these things to distract us from our loneliness. We are pretty much just lying to ourselves to fill in the gaps in our lives.


Sally Twit
I don't like to surround myself with people as I don't feel comfortable around large groups of people. If I am feeling that way and there's nobody around then GF really helps. I find that you don't need to physically be with someone to have fun with them. Take last night in chat for example... There were heaps of us in there from all around the globe and we had a laugh together.


Wheh I'm feeling lonely I try to go out and I avoid staying at home. Home makes me feel lonely at times but if I can't go out .... I try to watch TV or record any song.
Sometimes I'll go to the gym...but when there's no one in there ...I feel more lonely so I try to avoid places with no people.
Unlike Bliss I try surround myself by a large group of people.


Registered Member
I'm more like Bliss in that group situations aren't my thing. I prefer to spend time with wifey, and if she's not around I get together with a friend (whether off or online). If no one's available, then I read, listen to music, play a game, or watch a DVD. If I'm really desperate, then I stop procrastinating and get down to some serious drawing.


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The only time I can remember feeling kinda lonely was one time my sleep schedule was screwed up and I decided to try pushing my bedtime forward slowly (so I'd go to bed at 2 am, then the next day at 4 am, then 6 am, then 8 am, etc).

So basically when I was going day after day with almost no human interaction. And even then, it may have been more that I got bored than lonely.


Well when I'm lonely (which is not to often) I turn to the internet, or TV or Music.


It's not me, it's you.
I don't really feel lonely. Even when I was single for 3 years and didn't date anyone, I still never had the feeling of being lonely. I think that I just like to be alone. I was a member of GF, and I did have a lot of friends to play games with on xbox...so maybe I just didn't have the opportunity.

I love to be home alone...most of the time. Since my boyfriend came into the picture, I do miss him at times when we have opposite schedules and don't see each other as much. However, I'm not sure I would classify that as "lonely" as I'm not missing companionship, I'm just missing that particular person.


I watch online TV, go on tumblr, post on here, and sometimes text people. There are a few people who I know will not be annoyed by my texting them just "I'm bored" so I only ever text those people in that situation.