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Games When will "Next-Gen" end?


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Even after the release of the Wii U, PS4, and XBOX One, people are still calling it "Next-Gen". Now, maybe it's just me, but I think it sounds pretty stupid to still be calling 7th gen "current generation" and calling 8th gen "Next-gen". 8th generation IS current, next gen should be considered 9th gen at this point should it not?

Now, I wasn't really paying attention to things like this when we made the jump from 6th to 7th, but I'm interested to know if it was a similar experience. Do people just think that saying "next-gen" sounds cooler even if by definition it is no longer accurate?


aka ginger warlock
I think it is basically dependent on what consoles you own at the time. I own a PS3 and 360 for example so at present I will call the PS4 and One next gen until I own one of those consoles. When I get a PS4 this year which I plan to for me the PS4 will be current generation but the One will be next generation.


Yeah, I think it will be called "next-gen" until the majority of gamers have a Xbone or PS4. That could take a few years.


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I agree with Gin and Det. Xbox One and PS4 still seem like "next-gen" to me because I don't have either of them yet. And since I probably won't be getting either console anytime soon, I don't know when next-gen becomes current generation. I guess when the current generation of consoles dies out and loses support from developers.