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When Will I Give Birth?


In need of Entertainment
Yes, this is a repeat of two years ago, since also this time in the year I was expecting, and what better way to pass the time, than to have a guessing game with a prize at the end of it? No, not the baby... rep! (and some poker chips as well) :D

So here's the deal.
My due date according to me(biologically) is Sept. 3rd.
My due date according to my doc(ultrasound) is Sept. 15th

As you know, or might not, on average a woman can give birth between week 38 to week 41. The dates I provided were for week 40.

Now all you have to do guys is guess when I will give birth, basically it means you can choose a date from 2 weeks before Sept. 3rd till a week after Sept. 15th (because various reasons tell me that she made a mistake). Whoever guesses correctly, will get rep and 200 poker chips. Sounds good?

Let the guessing begin!


Endangered Species
I cant see any logic, so a guess at;

September 10th

Good luck, I hope for your sake he/she is not late, that is a long wait from 3rd to 22nd, which I assume would be the induced date.


Lion Rampant
As GF's unofficial moyl, I'm pleased to inform you that your child will be born on September 8, coincidentally the birthday of legendary Jewish actor Peter Sellers.


Living on the 0th floor
September 10th... Although my first gut instinct was the 4th... I'll stick with Sept. 10th though just for the fun of it.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'm going with September 15th and you'll be having a girl.


Hell, It's about time!
Just a hunch... but probably 9 months after you had sex. I mean it's just this weird idea... :lol:


It's not me, it's you.
I think the baby is going to be early at September 2nd.