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  1. Babe_Ruth

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    I was reading Silhouette thread about Lies and Broken promises, and it made me thinking. I don't want to pick on anyone but I'm going to use our current President as an example. Ever since Obama became President of the United States there's been a lot of threads about how he promised this and he never delivered, he lied about this ect.

    Now the point of my thread is this, how many Presidents have always delivered on their promises, or never lied to the public about something their going to do for them.

    Here in Canada, I don't know any Prime Ministers that have done so. Curious to see about US Presidents.

    Thoughts and explanations.

  2. Swiftstrike

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    I can explain why you are seeing a lot of threads related to Obama lying.
    There are several right-leaning participants in MD.

    The left-leaning posters have:

    1) Given up posting completely in MD due to the lack of any real debate. Since every other thread is an a quasi-Obama bash.

    2) Are indifferent/uninformed to American domestic politics and are focused on foreign policy. We have a lot of international posters who lean left which could probably care less about some of the domestic issues in America since it has little effect on them.

    3) EI hasn't been posting regularly at least I haven't seen many in MD.

    4) Many right-leaning posters are quoting blogs in their threads. In case you haven't checked blogs are not reputable sources. Why bother arguing?

    All politicians make promises that they can't fulfill. Times change when they get elected, maybe they lack the budget, the public opinion change, lobbyists and special interests group get ahold of them, etc.
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    The reason there's a lot of complaining about broken promises is that his entire campaign was based around two words, "Hope" and "Change". Well, right now there is no hope and nothing has changed. Well, nothing for the good (except stem cells) so it's only natural the right wing would attack him for that.
  4. Jeanie

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    I can see your point, however the Right did not want the changes that Obama promised. so in light of that, shouldn't the Right be happy?
  5. CaptainObvious

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    When I joined back in November 2008 I didn't see much debate either. What I saw was a bunch of Bush bashing threads. I also saw lots of blogs quoted and still do from time to time. I don't have a problem with that, so long as the blog isn't used as a primary source but as opening discussion, ie, do you agree with this or not. I thought opening up discussion was the whole point of MD.

    Anyway, the answer is no, you won't find a single president who fullfilled every promise. That would be impossible. What you have to consider is what the promise was and why was it not followed through with.

    For example, if Obama said "I know I promised I wouldn't raise your taxes if you made less than $250,000 a year but the economic situation has become worse than we anticipated so we're all going to have to sacrifice a little bit more" I can live with that. I would question how thoroughly he researched prior to making the promise, but I can understand why the promise was broken to begin with.

    But when you promise things you actually CAN deliver on, such as no earmarks, airing debates, putting bills online at least 5 days prior to a vote so that everyone can see it if they wish and you don't deliver, I can't excuse that.

    It depends on the lie and why it wasn't followed through with.
  6. Bananas

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    "you cant please all of the people all of the time!" ............sadly most politicians forget this during election time.

    I think we also have to be careful in the use of words; not fulfilling a promise is not necessarily lying. It may involve falling short of expectation or over anticipating affect, but to lie you must first know it is not the truth. I believe a large part of politicians not fulfilling promises is they do not take into account the transitional period of "regime" change. Government is big business and even though we are all armchair politicians, without being privy to the ins & outs of this business our ambitions are not always substantiated. This is also true for a party elect, until you are sitting behind the desk looking at the numbers that trickle up from all those below all you can do is give speculative intentions to what you would do. Of course all of this makes no sense to Governments that maintain office after an election but then their promises usually reflect this as does the political swing that takes place in most democracies after a party has done their two/three terms.

    If a government can keep half the promises they make then IMO they have done an honest election.

    I dont know enough of Presidents promises past the last 25 years, same with British PM's.

    Have lied or never delivered on promises?
  7. Babe_Ruth

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    I didn't want to only pick on Obama, but he's our current President that's why I chose him over let's say Bill Clinton or George Bush.

    Cons; doesn't every President promise change if elected? Would I be correct by saying that most of them don't change a lot of the "bad" things that are happening during their term?
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  8. icegoat63

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    Just one. Only One President in the History of the United States made Promises and delivered on them over the course of his Term.

    #1: "Fifty-Four, Forty, or Fight" - Taking of Oregon County
    #2: Reannexation of Texas
    #3: Take California
    #4: Lower Tariffs for Farmers

    James K. Polk said he would do all four of those things and he did in the course of One Term. California being the most important on his list, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo sealed that deal. The rest he put into motion and they all happened.

    When his 4 years was up, he saluted the Nation and said "I'm Done".

    What other US President can say they've ever been able to do something like that? None.

    I honestly dont feel we've had an honest president in 200 Years. Maybe some of the early on guys... but I'd be hard pressed to believe any president, including Abe Lincoln have been 100% honest with the American Public.
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  10. icegoat63

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    Thanks for coming in and adding nothing but criticism with a wiki source.

    He did deliver with the Oregon Treaty of 1846 at the 49° mark. Last time I checked... Montana, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, and Idaho were all within US Borders and were previously part of the Oregon Country. The split at the 49° parallel was actually the initial American Proposal. When Polk said he was going to gain control of the US portion of the Oregon Country, he did so.

    As far as the 54-40 or fight goes, that was merely a slogan that the Democrats of the time used. Whether Polk agreed with it or not, I have no clue...obviously I wasnt in attendance of the 1844 US Presidential Election.
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