When was Taker at his best?

When was the Undertaker at his best?

  • Western Mortician

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  • Black and Purple

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  • Lord of Darkness

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  • Ministry of Darkness

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  • American BadAss

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  • The Phenom

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I would throw my vote behind all of them except the "American Badass" version, which I hated pretty badly.

I am somewhat fondest of the purple gloved version, so I voted for that.


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The funny part is, the American Badass is the one he liked the most because he felt it portrayed him as a person the best.

Personally, I love the Dead Man, but American Badass was awesome, too.


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Anything but the American Badass gimmick...aka one of the dumbest gimmicks of all time.

Why do I say that? Because his name is the UNDERTAKER and that gimmick made no sense at all. I didnt even watch Undertaker matches when he had that gimmick. He was uninteresting and it didnt fit the image he had created over the years. Sure it was more like him, but who cares. He's the Undertaker for goodness sake.


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Yeah I can't say that the American Badass really fit the orginal plan for this guy. I mean he is the Deadman and thats the way it always should have been in my opinion. I voted for Black And Purple though because of the success he had and that was really when he started making a name for himself.