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When They Come Knocking


Registered Member
Everyone has probably had to put up with one religious person, or two, knocking on their door at some time.....so how do you handle it??
If they are Penacostal, Baptist, Mormon, Jehovah's...or whatever, how do you handle them standing at your door??
Do you invite them in??
Or do you stand there with the door wide open and the heat flying out letting them talk their gabble while you pretend to be amused??....or, maybe you are amused and interested!!!?
Or are you a rude ass, just slam the door in their face??


yellow 4!
There is a church up my road where I live at school, and we get people from there knocking every once in a while. It's usually an old couple, and I just stand there, smile, nod, and take any leaflets they give me.

I would never shut the door in anyone's face, lol. At the most I would stop them mid-sentence and say I'm busy doing something indoors, or just politely tell them I'm not interested.

Though I would also never invite them in. I didn't even know anyone did that.


I'm serious
Oh dear. I once had Jehova Witness guy knocking on my door. Anyone who knows me knows I can't be rude to anyone if my life depended on it. As soon as I opened the door I knew what I was in for. I let them get their first sentence in and replied with "I'm not interested, thank you". To which they replied "you are not interested in your own salvation"? Ugh. I am a Christian, so that was probably the right thing for them to say to get my blood boiling. I just told them that I have a great interest in my salvation and my religion and that I am not interested in theirs. I pretty much had to close the door on them after that. Awkward!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I usually know when it's them, so most of the time I'll answer the door in my boxers only. Their facial expression is quite priceless, after that I usually tell them I'm not really interested and go on with my day. At other times, I just won't bother answering the door because I don't want to deal with them.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I have never personally had this happen but there's a funny story involving my friend's mom.

She used to be a cool lady but one day the Jehova witness people came to their house. Quick backstory...their family hosts exchange students at their house from all over the world. They had a guy I went to high school with from Belgium whom we've all kept in contact with but to make a long story short he let them in and they talked with my friends mom and now she's a devout Jehova's witness and completely turned into a different person as a result.

And changed her not in a good way...lol


not a plastic bag
If I have time I will let them in. I enjoy discussing religion and having someone come to my door gives me an opportunity to witness to them. Unfortunately though I've discovered that once you witness to a Jehovah Witnesses one time, they will take you off the list and you'll never see another JW. JW don't have a very sound doctrine and they prefer not to be challenged on it, imo.


Registered Member
I have a spy hole and if I see that it's them (anyone trying to sell me anything or convert me to anything) I don't answer the door, but if I'm caught off guard I just say that I'm a Budhist. There are very few door to door Goddites who question my beliefs. If all else fails I make sure the dog knows someone is at the door. She is the size of a small horse and quite intimidating even though in reality she's no watchdog. She thinks I'm her bodyguard not the other way about. But be rude........never! I reserve fuck off for telecoms canvassers who can be so pushy.


Registered Member
I usually tell the person or persons, that I am usually busy....and I am not interested at the moment..then I politely close the door~


Lion Rampant
It happened to me this week, when a JW came up and offered me a copy of The Watchtower. I just told the guy the truth: "Thanks, but I wouldn't read it, so I'm not going to take it, because it would just go to waste. Better to hang onto it and give it to someone else." That did the trick. Showing conviction in your beliefs and taking the humanistic moral high road are the two things that seem to banish them the quickest.

The same rule of thumb applies to the proselytising Mormons in my area, although they follow a different tack in engaging the populace. They'll come at me like they're white-shirted angels on ten-speed bikes, looking for anyone in need of aid. A recent sidewalk exchange went like this:

"Hello, neighbor! How are you today?"

"Fine, thanks. How are you guys?"

"We're great. Can we talk to you about Jesus for a minute today?"

"Aw, I'm sorry. I've already heard the LDS message and it didn't take."

"All right. Is there anything else we can do for you today?"

"Mmm, nope. Is there anything I can do for you guys?"

With the tables thus turned, they shut down and pedaled off. It's actually getting so easy here lately that I almost look forward to the next time I'm accosted.
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