When talking to someone.


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I'll start by saying I thought about putting this in Philosophy for the content that I want.

Anyway, when you're talking to someone how do you respond to them? Do you look down, shuffle your feet, look them in the eyes? What do you do? And how do you interact while you're talking? Do you look them in the eyes, do you drift away when you're thinking, I guarantee you do something.

Me being the person that I am, I'm a people watcher. I can't tell you how much joy I get by watching people interact physically. I watch their movements, I watch their facial expressions, I watch their entirety. I've noticed that most people, when looking someone in the face, will go for the eyes. Both of them, switching more often when they're being serious when they're talking.

When I'm being spoken to, I generally look at one eye then drift to the whole head, not specific to anything unless it seems out of order. You know, big nose, lazy eye, bad teeth, the works. And I'm sure that people think I'm not paying attention because I'm not really making many facial expressions.

And when I'm talking to someone, I'll generally seem like I'm not entirely there, either. I have an awesome speaking voice and talking in large groups is more my thing. But I tend to treat one person like I'm talking to an audience. I'll pay attention to them for a little bit, but then just look in their general direction.

And how much do you think this relates to how well people interact with you?


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I maintain eye contact unless I'm not interested in the person or the subject (or when dealing with someone from a culture which dictates limiting eye contact). With my previous job, I practiced and taught a few subjects related to public speaking. I'm conscious with my body language (gestures, posture, etc.) and how it can be perceived/interpreted by my audience. For face to face interaction, our nonverbal behavior sends more message than our actual words or sound/tone of our voice.

Sometimes, I do have involuntary movements like touching my nose and raising my eyebrow for no particular reason, especially when I'm too relaxed. I think it distracts the person I'm talking to or makes them feel like they've said something wrong.


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I always look the person in the eys when I am talking face to face with them, but sometimes I feel as if I have to look away as maybe it scares them a little? I like to look at the other person quite deeply to read as much as I can from them, as they say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Sometimes when talking to people they seem to stop talking to me and stare into my eyes as I am them, once there was one guy on the street who I was talking to, he was selling something, he stopped talking mid sentence, looked at me for a few seconds and said to me that I am very powerful and he walked away. I have had that a few times.


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When i'm talking to the teacher in private or something I can never look them in the eyes. It's weird but it's like I just can't look at them. When i'm talking to someone I usually do some sort of thing but don't look at them directly.