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When Soda Goes Flat


Registered Member
Call it soda, call it pop....call it coke...whatever, we all know what it is.
When you are drinking Coke, or Pepsi...or A&W Root Beer...or Sprite..any soda from a can, how do you feel after it's gone flat and gotten warm??
Say you grab a soda, sit down to watch the Tv, and doze off....when you wake up, you discover you have about 75% of your soda left in the can.
Do you still drink it??
Or do you maybe pour it in glass and add ice??
Or do you dump the remaining soda sown the sink??
I can't stand a warm soda drink *blech*
If a soda gets warm on me.....I'm Debbie wasteful, because I will dump that sucker down the drain as fast as I can pop another open :lol:
My Mother was different, she would take a Pepsi to bed with her at night, and when she awoke the next morning, of course it was warm, but she could drink it just like it was a fresh one from the fridge!
Not me...it has to be icy cold~


Boom Boom Pow!
I'll pour it out. Warm flat soda is gross. It's a total waste, but it's still gross.


Sally Twit
It's never left long enough for it to go flat. Cans are small so if I'm going to drink one I'll finish it within an hour.
I tend to drink it from bottles because it lasts longer and you can put it back in the fridge with the lid on.


New Member
Pop needs to be nice and cold for me to enjoy it..
if it went warm i would still drink it but if flat nothx


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I'm not much of a soda drinker except if it's mixed with alcohol or if it's mtn dew (rarity here!). Also, I always drink it with ice so it doesn't bother me when it gets flat.


Registered Member
I think flat Diet Coke tastes like vodka & coke. Maybe that's just me...

On topic, I'm against flat soda pop.


Creeping On You
I don't mind flat and warm soda. I rarely keep my drinks in the fridge. I guess though, in the winter, my room stays pretty chill anyways so drinks left out are never THAT cold. The only time I won't drink coke is if it's been sitting there for a few days. I just know it must have turned or something.