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When pressure arrives...


Registered Member
Hi ppl!! You know, when working or passing through a difficult moment, sometimes body reacts in a determined way.

In my case, when I anxious, nervous or feeling pressure, I tend to have ache in the back of my head. Maybe some of you feel the same, other maybe not, each body reacts different. But what is true, is that this ache gets pretty annoying, sometimes making me unable to move my head.

What should I do? Taking a cold bath? Get some medicines? Whats your suggestions?

Share your answers and experiences plz. ;)


Registered Member
To me, it depends on how bad it is. If I get a headache I usually just try to ignore it. If it gets bad enough or if I have something where I need to focus all day and need it gone, I'll take Ibuprofen or Aspirin or whatever.

Sometimes just drinking more water or taking a short nap can help.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Mine is tummy. I have stress induced ulcer. I take Zantac when that happens. That's why I try to avoid stress and be om as much as possible.


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You could try some shamanic breathing.
Just inhale slowly through your mouth, imagine the breath filling your entire body. Then exhale through the mouth, blowing out the stress.

Most of the time that works for me, but I do occasionally get anxiety attacks.


New Member
I get ache in the front side of my head and sometimes on right and left sides of my head . And the worse thing , when someone yell at me that time . I want to blow his head off .