When parents don't know better


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I overheard a conversation between a mom and her child yesterday while I was riding the metro. The mom was quizzing her son (maybe aged 7 or 8) on geography. One of the games they played was "Guess which country it is, based on the flag colors". I think it was a nice game and I can see myself doing the same for my son.

Then the mom said "blue, green, red". And the child couldn't answer. I'm thinking of the answer too but I can only think of countries that rarely come to mind, so it must have been a hard category. Then the mom later said that she didn't ask for blue, green, red. She asked for white, green, red. Pfft. But hey that's easier!

Child: Algeria!
Mom: Yes, but I'm looking for a flag with those three color stripes. And in Europe.
Child: Italy!
Mom: No.
Child: Bulgaria?
Mom: No

After a few minutes..

Child: I give up.
Mom: It's Greece.
Child: White, red, green?
Mom: Yes.
Child: But Greece is blue and white. :shifteyes:
Mom: No.
Child: I'm sure.
Mom: Don't be silly.

Child gets frustrated, because he really thinks he's right.

Then the child describes the flag of Greece. Then later insists that Italy has red, white, green colors. The mom later said: "Oh, are you sure? I still think it's Grece." :dork:

So yes, dear parents. We're not always right. It's ok. I can think of several things that my son knows better than I do.

And make sure when you try to teach your children, you're teaching them the right thing. It's probably also one reason why homeschooling is not for everyone. :lol:


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So yes, dear parents. We're not always right. It's ok. I can think of several things that my son knows better than I do.
I wish more people would understand this sentiment.

Stuff like that has happened with my parents before, but they usually ended up checking themselves after they thought me or my siblings had been incorrect.


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I agree that children can sometimes know something better than their parents. This happend to me a few times as a child when I was right and my mum was wrong :lol:
My parents were wrong with advising me on one of the biggest decisions I've ever made in my life, I'm so glad I didn't listen to them lol. But that wasn't anything trivia-related like flag colours, it was just a gut feeling I chose to follow and it happened to go in my favour.

My dad has always been right in conflicts so far, my mum, not so much :lol:
My mother constantly tries to prove her point and on subjects she doesn't know alot about.


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My mom isn't really stubborn. I remember arguing with my grandmother though about what countries are included in the UK. :lol: When debating facts, it's not really that wise to pull the "I'm older than you are, so I know better."