When has luck shined upon you?


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Pretty simple question that explains itself. I know there has got to be a time in some of you guy's life where you got lucky one day in which you either got two soda's out of the soda machine for the price of one or when you found money on the street( oh yeah, gotta love that one). Well anyway, tell us what some of your lucky moments and how they happened, it would be fun and interesting to know them^^


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I did win a little raffle drawing. I didn't even realize that I put my name in the box. That was pretty cool.

and the fact that someone actually found my wallet and turned it into the teacher (with everything still in it) is pretty lucky too.


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Probably when I needed an internship for the past summer. Our school requires at least one internship per student for graduation and the summer was the last chance for me to do it (and i had an extra year going into my fifth year). Basically if I didn't get one this summer I would be in deep shit.

After fervently looking for nearly the entire second semester of my 4th year and getting either no interest or turned down for positions I had almost given up hope. On the VERY LAST DAY of the semester I got a call from Sherwin-Williams for an Accounting analyst position and was scheduled for an interview at their HQ in Cleveland. I got the job and am right now on my second internship with them in my last year.

Thats the only time I felt I got lucky in a life experience. I don't seem to count games like Poker and such where I frequently get lucky.


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Well im not a very lucky kid but I remember one time when I was five and in a pool for the first time and for some dumb reason nobody knew that I didn't know how to swim until it was too late and my head was well under the water and after a few seconds they finally realized that I was under water and they got me out. That was pure luck because they said if I had been under for a short period longer , Well you know the story.


Every day of my life.

You make your own luck, or you pretend you have no control over things and live at the whim of the Universe.