When getting angry..


You express it with words or with attitude?

Are you the first to calm things down or you wait for someone else to do it for you?

Do you talk about other things meanwhile, or you just let this situation pass and then start talking about whatever?

I scream like an idiot.

I could be the first to calm the situation ... depending on what I was angry about and with who.

I do talk about other things meanwhile. Not a fan of silence ..especially in those uncomfortable situations.


The Hierophant
I do a little of both, actually. Depending on what makes me angry, and how fast it makes me angry completely depends on how I handle the situation. If I'm in a pretty good mood and just hear a piece of news like, say, that my ex girlfriend is up at my house drinking with my mom when she knows that I don't want her at my house at all, I'm going to explode with anger. I'm going to break things and scream like a bear.

However, if it's just some nagging little problem that's growing into a much larger problem, if I don't deal with it, I'll do things like rake my face, or just randomly yell at other things that make me mad. I try not to vent my anger into other people in the ways of fighting, so I turn that anger inwards. Most of the time, I feel like I need some Prozac or something to keep my anger in check, though.
Attitude for sure. I don't really get angry but when I am I try my best not to say anything about it. So it shows through in my attitude despite my best efforts not to let it. I think it's my lack of words that best convey what I'm feeling. But like I said, doesn't happen often. I don't remember the last time I was genuinely angry.


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Both - I can get pretty sarcastic and snarky, but I definitely have a lot to say. I tend to over-analyze and that lends to realizing contradictions/hypocrisy of the offensive behavior (which fuels my irritation), and it also gives me lots of points to try to display.

I usually talk myself up into a storm, and suddenly realize that I'm blowing it out of proportion. Then I get pretty calm, but in a simmering type of way. I ask for the defense to my statements, and when the answers aren't "reasonable" or they don't make any sense to me, I shoot them down quietly. If it's asinine enough, I can flare back up out of frustration but I've been getting better at keeping cool.

Basically I don't like having an argument on the back burner. Due to my over-analytical nature, I'll be trying to figure out what all the issues were, why they should have been different, why my point was right, etc etc etc until everything is resolved. If I get angry, I want to deal with it all then and there, and then move on with life.

Thankfully I've been getting better at not getting angry for things I shouldn't, and calming down sooner, and as soon as I realize I was wrong I sincerely apologize and do what I can to make it up to the other person.


Babeasaurus Sex
I use my words and my attitude.

I go VERY quiet when I'm angry...it doesn't happen very often at all.

I kind of count to ten and calm down and then I'll be back to normal.

I generally just chat about random things to keep me calm.

If I'm angry at something around my friends (Normally about something I can't control - like someones been mean to/about me/them) I'll rant haha!


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When I am angry I swear a lot and sometimes I'll hit a wall or something, I know it's stupid but I guess it's better then hitting a person.

I'm usually the one that will calm myself down, when I get angry it's usually for a short period of time, so most of the time it's easy for me to change moods.


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My SO says I turn into a psychologist when I get angry at something/someone because my largely analytical nature is my way of coping with frustration, fury, and confusion.

I “yell” probably about once every 1.7 years—my SO can tell you that it is a rather frightening thing to witness as I nearly ruin my vocal chords and/or the nearest solid standing non-sentient object like a closet doors (I’ve never yelled at her, though). In those moment where I do get that angry, there is still a piece of me that is so calm that it says in a flash of a second, "Okay, man, what around you is inexpensive and easily replaced so that you can break to express your frustration?" :lol:

I hardly raise my voice now and then. I have a hard time actually yelling at someone because I rarely feel like it helps me. I express things with emotion and inflection when they need it, but I try to approach most situations that anger me with as much empathy as possible and with a lot of distance. I treat something as if the problem is simply a jumbled up bunch of computer code that needs straightening out in order to better facilitate communication.


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Both, usually it comes out pretty hard too.

Like, I won't show it unless it's something that's just built up because the person is a complete idiot. If you piss me off once or twice, it doesn't bother me.. but when it's a constant thing, I'll tell you and then if it continues I just flip the hell out.

The only thing that is almost an instant "I'm going to flip the fuck out" kind of thing for me is sports and sports video games.
I express it with words and with attitude and I try to come up with a way to get even with the person who pissed me off :grin::naughty::evil::sneaky:


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Depends. When people annoy me, I may give an annoyed grunt and/or facepalm, roll eyes (I'm hardly ever annoyed by close people or even friends, though, just by strangers I am forced to deal with) ... when it's my computer, I curse it. "Worthless piece of shit!" is probably my favorite curse for my computer. My girlfriend doesn't like it at all when I do that.

Now when it happens with people online, she told me I then talk to myself or mumble something, like "can't believe it". I didn't realize myself I do that.

I have the intention of minimizing my anger, though. Especially when dealing with people online, like on this board. I remember I used to be extremely calm and relaxed, and hardly ever got angry a while back -- but lately, I've gotten angry way too often. I've also regretted being rude with people here on this board sometimes. Not sure why that is ... maybe it's nicotine withdrawal, no idea. But it doesn't really matter. I hope I can avoid it in the future, though.
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