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When eBay security goes to far


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I was thinking about this IP thing when I read someones auction promising a way to get to the pulse. She was hinting at opening multiple accounts. Now, if eBay did this to you Andrew because you were using different computers, can't they go the other way and notice that there are several accounts open under the same IP address?
I truly cannot stand cheaters, and I hope someone in the "big chair" catches on real quick!!


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Andrew said:
I had listed the auctions from a computer with a different IP than the one that normally accesses my account. Well, 3 hours later I got an email that the listings had been pulled because my account was suspected to have been accessed by a third party.

Well of course.. I used a different IP to list them..
Umm... I'm not following you. Where does the "of course" come in? As in what is the actual benefit of using a different IP? Did you not have access to your regular IP? Is there some sort of compensating feature that using a different one gives you?

Seems to me the only reason to use a different IP would be to access a different account altogether, in which case problem solved. But is there something else to it?