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When eBay security goes to far


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Due to the fact that so many people are so easily tricked into giving away their passwords and account information, eBay security is as tight as ever, and is now protecting you from yourself... but not for your own good.

I made some one day listings on eBay yesterday. The reason for doing a one day was that I would have liked to get the items out by Christmas.

I had listed the auctions from a computer with a different IP than the one that normally accesses my account. Well, 3 hours later I got an email that the listings had been pulled because my account was suspected to have been accessed by a third party.

Well of course.. I used a different IP to list them.. This is what I call too much security. Anyway, my account was now locked, and I had to go through their process to get it unlocked.

I went on with eBay Live Chat, and they said that it was an error on their part, and that if I relisted the items, they would let me change the end times to end when they originally would have.

Turns out that was a no go, and 5 live chat's later, it turned out that I was told the wrong information, and that there was nothing they could do to to make it so the items would end at a decent time if I relisted at that time. I didn't want them to end in the middle of the night, so I could't do anything.

Somewhere along the line, my account ended up being locked again, which was annoying because when you unlock your account, you have to set a new password, which can't be one that you have EVER used before, apparently. Good times..

On a positive note, I did get all of the fees refunded, and then some, as a gesture of apology for the inconvenience, which I appreciated.

So let this be a lesson to you. If you access you eBay account from different computers, you could be in for an exciting day or two. :(


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Suprising I post from multiple ip's all the time...I have 2 separate locations, even differant internet companies...


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Man that stinks. Hope that doesn't happen since eBay gets accessed from about 7 different IPs at work.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi...I thought I was going nuts...It wouldn't let me into my account..:-o :lol:
Then when I tried it from home it let me in..:nod:
I guess that if the system isn't used to you useing diffrent IPs it won't let you in from a diffrent IP..Happend to me lastnight.
Thanks for the heads up.:cool: :)


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I have never had that problem, the funny thing is me and my aunt check out things on each others account all the time. I log into her account from my pc and she logs into mine. We bid , purchase, list things for each other all the time as well.


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So far I haven't had that problem. I also use a couple of different computers when I log in, and also when I sell.


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OK a DUH question. This wouldn't apply if you are using more than one computer but they are both hooked up to the same wireless system.....would it?

Sorry Andrew it happened to you. Stinks!

You all working hard at work Mr Snipes??? :nod:

Big Brother is watching........


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That is unreal. But I believe it. I really do not believe that their security knows what they are doing any. They NARU'd me during the holidays. When they had nothing to prove, I was reinstated after their 7 day suspension period. I worked in a line of security in a store. I know for a fact that you can get in a lot of trouble for making an accusation w/out proof.