When Does Your Summer Wardrobe Come Into Force?


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Okay so here in Brtain the weather has dramatically improved from last month, we had a solid weeks worth of sunshine and pleasant temperatures last week.

I saw people with shorts a t-shirts, even I was guilty I wearing a light t-shirt out last week.

When do you start wearing your summer outfits and summer clothes suited to hot weather conditions?

For a start most of what I wear in the winter is similar to the summer, the only difference is that I always go online a buy a bulk load of decent, summer t-shirts and maybe some shorts. I won't look to dress a little more lighter until about May when the better weather is firmly in place.

Here in Britain things can change temperature wise very quickly so it's not uncommon to find yourself looking for a jumper in August.


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I know that Ireland and England have inclimate weather at random moments, so I would have you're summer and winter clothes in stock. Just in case, you can never be too careful or prepared.

In Texas though, you'll know when it's hot and when to bust out the shorts and tank tops. I saw a snowman walk outside once to cross the street on a sunny day, let's just say he never made it to the other side.

Please.. stop... making me think about..... summer.....
I don't really take the weather into much consideration, I just take each day as it comes and wear what I like. But in the unpredictable months I tend to layer clothes when I go out so if I get too hot I can always take a jumper off or whatever.


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You can always just go out and buy some new clothes for the changing weather, just in case your old clothes don't fit you anymore.



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It stays in force all year long. In fact I was just outside in 2 feet of snow in shorts, a t-shirt and snow boots. :lol:
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Mainly it's whenever the weather gets warm enough to not look ridiculous wearing shorts.


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The beginning of Feb till the end of November. I might throw on a light jacket at night, but not normally.


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I start wearing Summer clothes when someone says, "Why are you wearing that big coat in this weather?!" I then break out in a big sweat and realise it's Summer.
I don't enjoy Summer so I walk around in my own little bubble wishing it was cold/cool all the time.