When does love stop?


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I have been with the same woman for two yrs, we have a beautiful daughter. Now 13wks old. Thing is even tho i still love her to bits, she does not feel the same way. What do i do? Im ablast as to wot to do, please help?:(


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Talk to her to find out the reason why. Maybe it's something you can fix or maybe it's something you have to deal with. It's possible she hasn't stopped loving you... She might just be fed up with something.
GF can't tell you what to do - you have to talk to her.


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I agree with Bliss,talk to her about how she feeling,i know from experience that a new born can put a lot of pressure on a relationship,she may be feeling overwhelmed at the moment.
Talk to her and try to find out what has changed,have her feelings changed towards you before or after the birth of your little girl.
I hope you can manage to sort this Westy


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Unfortunately, feelings in relationships always change. Once the infatuation stage wears off, then the real test begins. Since you have a child with this woman I wouldn't recommend freaking out about it. This is a very normal stage in any relationship. Talk to her, maybe she's feeling the same.


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Just because someone doesn't seem to love you as you love her doesn't mean she doesn't love you at all. Some people just have different ways of expressing it. Love also comes in different levels. Personally, I believe love doesn't disappear overnight. It takes time for it to completely fade. There's still something there and you just need to communicate with each other your feelings and discuss what's going on and how to make things better before it's too late.
This'll probably sound a little corny, but whatever.

I've always looked at love in terms of a burning fire. The more fuel you add, the brighter it burns. Ignore it, or give it the wrong type of fuel and it'll eventually fade, then burn out.
Once the fire is gone, you have to start completely over. The problem with starting over, is the fact that you may never be able to get the fire going again.
There is no time table for love Westy, it depends on the person and how they feel the flame has been nurtured.
It might be easier to ask yourself what you've done to keep the relationship going. Good luck Westy.:)


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I agree with what Angels said. Just talk to her and really listen. Sometimes we people have a problem with not listening to people when they are saying something important, and then things like this happen then the flame burns out and yes.. it is near impossible to light it again.

However, You said you have a new born, and it is likely that she is extremely stressed and tired. Plus she is busy, so maybe she is accidentally putting you on the backburner and doesn't realise it, so let her know if that is the case so she can work on spending more time with you.

Did she tell you she doesn't love you anymore or do you just feel like that is the case?