when does it become clingy?

always have this discussion with a mate. he says that phoning a person that you like or going out with once a day is being too clingy but should be every couple of days. me i dont think so but i do think that it does when its like 10 times a day.

what do you think?


Sally Twit
If you feel comfortable enough around a person to spend that much time with them then I say go for it.

Personally, I don't think there's such a thing as spending TOO MUCH time with someone. I talk to my boyfriend on the phone every single day and we're very much in love.


Where is my Queen?
I talk to my girlfriend everyday and everynight. Unfortunatly with my line of work I only see her three times a week. It used to be everyday, but my body started taking a toll from getting off from an 11 hour day and going out. Could not handle it, but we worked it out just fine.


Sally Twit
Yeah I'm in a long distance relationship and we only see each other every other weekend. I would die if I couldn't talk to him every day.
do you think that your long distance relationship works? like how do u make it work? just that i might be going into a long distance relationship and was just wondering.


Sally Twit
Well it's always been a long distance relationship. It's lasted more than six years so far so we've definitely made it work.
We wrote to each other for a while, called each other a lot and sent a lot of text messages. It was hard not being physically with him but we got used to it. It makes the times you are together a lot more special.