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When do you turn it on?


What time of the day do you first turn on the computer?
When waking up/going to work?
What are the first 3 things that you check?
My mom always hates it when she sees me at the computer right after waking up. I don't even get out of my room without first turning on the computer.
My day doesn't start without pressing that button.

The first thing I check is the general forum and then my email and then I log on skype.


Registered Member
My computer is never off...unless I have to reboot or something.
It is always ready when I sit down at my desk...my AOL is in front of me, Firefox is ready....all I have to do is a click a tab on my favorites list and I'm there.
In fact, I don't ever log out of General Forum or AOL.
So it shows I am always here ~LoL~
But the first thing I do when I do sit at my desk at home, is check my emails........and answer back if need be.
I also eBay quite a bit...and when I am at school.......I have to keep the windows down that don't pertain to school, but when I am have free time, I can get busy with my fun stuff :)


I usually click it on a little while after waking up. The first three things I check are Facebook, my e-mail and GF.


yellow 4!
I only turn the laptop on now when I get home from classes each day. Just don't have time in the mornings any more because I like to wake up as late as I can leave it. Otherwise, it would probably be one of the first things I do, as it used to be.

I do, however, check emails and stuff from my phone as soon as I wake up.

As for the first thing I do on the computer later; open up various sites in tabs including GF, fb, and youtube (subscriptions).


Registered Member
It is one of the first things I do when I wake up. Probably THE first thing I do. It takes a while for it to start up and for AVG (the protection thing) to start up and set up the internet connection's safety stuff, without which it won't let me do anything. After pushing the appropriate buttons I head for the shower which is plenty of time for the thing to get started.

I've learned to only check my mail, the schedule for the day and the weather (and perhaps the public transport route) and not get caught up in forum business, because I tend to forget what I am doing and time flies by without me noticing it - getting me late for school or work.


Registered Member
Both my home and work computers are always on. Since I work in programming, I'm generally using my work computer by 9:30. On weekends, I'll usually go to my home computer as soon as I wake up. I also have my email going to my phone, so, I generally check that first thing in the morning (as early as 6:30).

First three things:
Email/Calendar (these go hand-in-hand)
Anything I left to run overnight (I do this extremely often, especially on my work computer)


Well-Known Member
Usually for me, I turn it on after work, in the morning I'm usually rushing just to get out of the house on time. I have an iPhone so I get daily updated on internet life wherever I go to.

I usually go to the following sites:
explosm.net (web comic)
and CNN.com

When I get home I'm able to check detailed sites like GeneralForums, Otakuboards, and what not.



Registered Member
Turn it on when I get up, shut it down before I sleep.
same. i hardly have any spesific things i check when i get it booted up, since everything like that is on my laptop and it get´s updated as it goes. my main comp is mostly for editing pictures, downloading and gaming. have my laptop for mail´s and such.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
If it's a work day I don't turn my home laptop on at all...I'll go to work first and have a computer at my desk. Usually I check my email and fantasy teams and GF is usually third. Depends on how much work I have, of course.

When I get home it's usually the first thing that I turn on.