When do you shower?

When do you shower/bathe?

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This might be a weird thread... we'll see what happens though.

When do you shower/bathe during the day?

I've noticed that a lot of people I know shower in the morning before the day, a few in the afternoon and I might be the only one that showers at night unless I workout and smell really bad I'll shower right after that, we're still talking about no earlier than 4:00pm though.

When do you shower/bathe?
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After your mother has touched me.

I always shower in the morning. It wakes me up and makes it easier to get in to the day.


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I usually shower both at night and in the morning because I work out at night and shower afterwards and being kind of a clean freak I'll shower again in the morning. If I don't workout at night then I'll just shower in the morning.


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98% of the time I take my showers in the Morning.

However there are times where I just say Fuck it and I decide to not take a shower in the morning and instead will take one when i get home from work or maybe later in the night before I go to bed.

Lately i've actually been debating on changing this habit and moving my "Shower time" to before bed rather than in the morning....


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Depends on how hot and sweaty I got at work. In the winter I mostly shower in the morning. In the summer since our warehouse doesn't have AC I quite often shower right when I get home, and if needed, again in the morning.


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Usually every morning.

Except in summer, when it's really hot, then I may take an additional shower later. Or except when I have a really lazy day and stay in pyjama all day. :lol:


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I shower practically every morning, except for those reaaaalllly lazy days where I'm staying home and just never manage to do anything except for sloth around the kitchen, TV, and bed. Those are pretty rare, and even then I'll end up taking a shower because I feel so nasty!

Some days I take two or more showers - like to wash up before an event (or after, in the case of workouts), or if I just am feeling particularly grimy after a long day.


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I prefer to shower in the morning. I love a cold shower (not freezing, just...cool), it really wakes you up and makes you feel great for the day. Hot showers are great too, though, don't get me wrong. I love those just as much.
I shower at night, always. I don't like to wake people up by using the shower/hair dryer but I do leave it as long as possible until the time that this would be the case.

I can't remember the last time I showered in the morning. I probably would if I worked or something but I don't get up and have to be anywhere, so I don't have a whole 'getting ready' routine.