GameBoy When did you get your first one?


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My first Game Boy was the chunky gray original one. I got it about ten years ago I believe. Probably longer than that. I loved that thing, it went everywhere with me.


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I never had a favour of having a Game Boy, I pretty much got into games when Game Boy was already starting to get old and I wasn't very interested in it.


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Good question. I had one and I was way too young to have bought it myself. My birthday is kind of close to Xmas so I think it was one of those "we got you a nice gift for both" kind of deals, but I don't remember which relative forked up the cash. I was probably about 7 or 8 years old. I bought my game gear with some acting dough I scored though.

Never got into Tetris. I was all metroid.


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I never had the original gameboy mostly because it's older than I am but I did have a gameboy color and i loved that thing it was big the screen was small and the games weren't actually in color not to mention the screen wasn't lit and you had to be in a light room tilting it toward the light.

I did have a lot of the pokemon original gameboy games on it though those were pretty fun even if they weren't in color like at all.


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Honestly I have no clue exactly how long ago it was... At least 10 years ago, though... Maybe 12... I don't know.

I had the yellow one... They bought be Super Mario Land and Kirby's Dreamland II with it.


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I have the original game boy from way back when and it still works. I have Tetris, Home Alone and 1 other game I can't recall right off hand.