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Question When did you figure out you liked X?


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The X in the title can be interpreted in any way you like (boys, girls, both, etc). I was just wondering how long it takes for most.

Second question, do you think you could have figured it out earlier, with hindsight?

It was first grade that I realized I wanted to play with girls in a different way and I cared more what they thought of me than boys.

Throughout high school, thanks to the non-bigoted or judgemental curriculum, I kept an open mind about the possibility of being bisexual but every time I went through the process of constructing the perfect male in my head, I would swap out all the characteristics until it would become a woman. :)


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I was probably in fourth or fifth grade. All of my friends had started getting their first "girlfriends" and "boyfriends" and I decided that I wanted to try to find my first one, too.

Took me until 8th grade! :sad:


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I think I started liking boys when I was about 10 but didn't get a real boyfriend until I was about 16. I always found the boys in my school mean, they would pull my hair, stuff like that. So I didn't talk to them that much, not as a potential boyfriend anyway.


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I didn't really figure out when I started liking the opposite sex because where I grew up, it was the norm for a male to like a female and vice versa, that's how I knew. I never knew of any homosexuals until I moved to Australia and the big difference between two countries is amazing because one has all the same type of people, whereas the other is very diverse.


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I had my first girlfriend at 8, just the typical little kids relationship of hanging out, holding hands lol.

I was about 13 when I took a massive interest in girls/women and I was 17 when I started having an interest in males.


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Fourth grade with my first kiss during a recess period. Odd how I remember little things like that and not much else about earlier years.


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I honestly don't remember when I first started finding females attractive. Maybe like 3rd or 4th grade. I started developing crushes on girls in school in 6th grade. I don't know of anyone who was actually in a relationship earlier than 6th grade.


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I think the first boy I liked was probably still in kindergarten. :lol: I've just always known I like boys. I had a "boyfriend" from 4th grade to 6th grade, and the extend of our "relationship" was sometimes holding hands, but mostly we were just both the top athletes, so we used to walk to gym and practice together. :lol:


I always knew that I liked girls. And it wasn't even about developing crushed on girls that I knew in school or anything, for me the biggest clue was always in TV and movies. When I was growing up in primary school, around year 6/7 etc I would watch movies with other female friends and they would all go on about how cute the boys were and which one were their favourite actors etc. The whole time I wasn't interested in them at all but was obsessed with the female characters.


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I was pretty shy and not really interested in girls except for one girl I kind of liked in the 4th grade. The first girl I really liked was in the 8th grade and she ended up becoming my high school sweetheart. I can say with certainty she is the only girl I have ever truly loved.