When did you.. #3

18 - I believe and my parents let me use one of their vehicle so I can practice and buy my own. I have yet to buy my own and continue to use theirs. lol


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I think I got my liscense when I was 17 either that or 16.

I got my car the summer I turned 21.

My parents sure werent going to help me pay for it.


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I got mine when I was 18 and my first car was a 1994/5/6 Ford Escort that was also all three trim models (base, LX, and GT). She was definately a Frankenstein.`


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I got my license 2 months after I turned 16. "My" first car, was given to me to use right after that, a 89 (I think) pontiac grand prix. The first car that was mine we bought a few months after we got married, so I was 20, and it was a 98 Dodge Stratus.


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I got my license on my 16th birthday. I don't have my own car, but my parents let me drive one of theirs, and I think they'll just give it to me when I move out.


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I actually haven't got my full license yet. I've taken and failed the test twice so far. For stupid little things as well. But this summer should be the summer I get it :) I won't have a car for years to come either.