When bands completely replace themselves?


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Does it bug you when bands completely replace themselves? By this I mean when a band keeps replacing people over time until only either none or just a few of the original members remain?

I find it weird when this happens. On one hand, you've probably gotten used to the band throughout all the changes so it's not like it's a sudden drastic change, but on the other hand, you can pop in their first album and snap back to reality when you realize that not a single person from that album is still with the band.

It's not overly common but it has happened to various degrees. Does it bug you?


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I cant think of to many cases of bands that I know and like that have gone through a complete facelift. However pretty much every Band I'm a fan of has dropped at least one member at some point in time. Normally it just goes unnoticed unless its the frontman, but even then as long as most of the style is kept intact I'll be cool with it.

Bands that've changed frontmen that I know of and still like:
-Alter Bridge (used to be Creed)
-Tantric (used to be Days of the New)
-All That Remains (has lead singer from Shadows Fall)
(and no I dont like AC/DC)

And like I said pretty much every band I like has dropped at least one member at some point in t


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Sometimes they have no choice Hybrix. Ill use a few examples, the first lead singer of ACDC was Bon Scott but he passed away so he needed to be replaced, and it worked out well for them. Steve Clark was originally the lead guitarist of Def Leppard but he died as well and was replaced by Phil Collen, which worked out well too.

But sometimes it does make me mad, Ill take Guns n Roses for example, they were much better when they had Slash has their main guitarist, but him and Axl Rose hate eachother so he decided to leave the band.


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I guess you could throw the Greatful dead into this. They have started to tour with younger members and a new lead (Due to J.G Death RIP man) and the band just doesn't sound the same, you could also count Motley crue into the mix when they had the new lead singer.

I wasn't a big fan of the lead change in VH either I still say Diamond Dave was far better than sammy.

Sometimes the change is good but most of the time the band is just reaching and trying to get thier 15 min back and they should have just hung it up.


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It depends who stays and who goes. Some bands have rotating keyboardists or bassists and it doesn't matter. However in other cases it matters a lot- Velvet Revolver is a much better band than GnR currently is because Slash can't be replaced to the degree that Axl can.
Only thing that bugs me is when they replace the vocalist. If they do that, it's just a completely different sounds and it could turn out good or it could turn out bad. 50/50

When an instrument player is replaced it's no biggy. Take Slash for example. When he left Guns and Roses and got replaced by Bucket Head, I honestly couldn't tell a difference. I've seen people ranting and raving over how Slash rules and how he made Guns and Roses, but I beg to differ. When he joined Velvet Revolver and they did a cover of Paradise City that was just HORRID. I don't care if you have ten Slash's that was just wrong. They tried, and it just wasn't the same without Axl's vocals.

So, yeah, doesn't matter as long as it isn't the vocalist.


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Slash is a better Guitarist then Buckethead, but Buckethead didn't destroy Guns "n" Roses. Buckethead is still a fin guitarist and Guns "n' Roses is still one of my all time favourite bands.

The thing about Velvet Revolver's cover of paradise city is that like you said it wasn't Axel singing and that's part of what makes that song great, when you have such an iconic singer it's pretty heard to replicate or make something better.


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It only really pisses me off when they change there tune because of it, if they keep it around the same or they sound better I don't mind of course, but usually that takes time.