When are you in the zone?


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Zone can mean whatever you want it to mean, as it could be different per person.

When are you in the zone?


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In terms of writing ability: Night.

Creative power: during the day.

Meaning, I can write much easier at night, but if I didn't spend time during the day coming up with things to write about, I'll be empty.


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When I am doing something that involves adrenaline and likely going fast, also, complete attention to what I am doing. Things like driving a jetski, snowboarding, paintballing, ect.


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It really depends. Like, I'll be totally bored, talking to a friend and listening to a music. Then in the song a beat will just hit me and suddenly I have my sketch book out drawing and ignoring everything else.

Or I'll be watching a movie and a character will say something sarcastic and I'll find myself writing a story completely different from what inspired me.

When I'm there it's amazing. My body shakes with excitement and I hurry to get what I have in my head down, before is disappears.

I hate it when people talk to me when I'm in it. That usually pulls me out of the zone.
Usually when I am drawing or playing the piano. I can get very focused and calm, and not be aware of anything else.
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Oh man, its crazy.

This happens to lots of musicians I know. We will be playing and itll be our turn for a solo. So we start playing, and for whatever reason we are in a specific mood, weather it be happy, pissed, depressed, whatever.

And we play the solo and no really notice we are playing, then the next thing we know, the song is over. We look dazed for a sec, but move on.

Then after the show someone is like "wow, that was a crazy solo"

And we go "What solo...?"

We get so in the zone, we usually dont remember what we play, especially when we are sad.

It also feels amazing.
during tech week.

'nuff said.
This too!

I love when I get in the zone during a rehearsal. Its like I wasnt even there!
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rainbow 11!
Usually when I am drawing or playing the piano. I can get very focused and calm, and not be aware of anything else.

Hate you. You play the piano? I've been dying to learn how to play for so long! I even asked for a keyboard for Christmas a year or so ago and my parents go one of those 5 dollar keyboards. From the dollar store. For 3 year olds. (My nephew ended up demolishing it) Right now I'm saving up to see if I can ever pay to get lessons or a keyboard to teach myself.

But I seriously hate you. >:O


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I'm in the zone when I'm under a time restriction, especially for a test like the SAT. I'm also in the zone when I develop a genuine interest in something, and that hasn't happened in a long time.


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When I'm playing sports or videogames or something, there are times when I just can't do anything wrong. Perfect execution without really having to think about it. That's what being the zone means to me.