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When Animal Crackers Attack


what? no pink?
the slowest cracker in the box? :lol:

LOL that's cute : )


not a plastic bag
I just thought about something. Maybe this is not a tiger eating a rhino, maybe this is a rare animal breed. I updated my auction with my thoughts.


what? no pink?
a rhigers tale
the eye of the rhiger

you can go places with this hehe:nod:


Secret Agent
Staff member
Spence said:
A Rhiger is pretty much my favorite animal. Its like a Rhino and Tiger mixed..bred for its skills in majic.
For the Napoleon Dynamite fans in all of us? :D

I am pretty sure both of those crackers are lions though... Nice find regardless. Hope it gets some bids. :)

Now suddenly I am hungry for animal crackers..


Wanna play?
Andrew said:
For the Napoleon Dynamite fans in all of us? :D

No, no ,no....ND's fav animal is a liger...:nod:

Vote for Pedro!