When all else fails...

When everything is falling through and your bored with absolutely nothing to do, with GF out of the question, what do you do?

whats your FAVORITE boredom activity or just relaxing activity??

one last rule.... pretend that you cannot get a hold of anyone. so you have to do whatever it is, by yourself
I actually prefer doing things by myself. I'll read a book, paint, write, exercise, take a long bath.
It's very difficult for me to get bored.


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Seriously what else could one do!?!
I must agree. If I have nothing else at all to do, that tends to be one of the activities I do. I also play my guitar. Read a book. Now that I live in the country, I'll go outside, set something on fire, and take pictures. Make little cartoons. Usually, the general theme on what I do is creating something. crafts, music, writing, mayhem, destruction, anything.


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Watch a DVD, take a long bath, play CD, sing and dance by myself, read a book, experiment on cooking, work on the kids' scrapbook, etc. There are so many things to do without internet and people to talk to. I just don't like not being able to access the net or people but I have no problems with finding other enjoyable things to do alone.


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Nintendo DS
Watch a movie

There's plenty to do when I'm bored.


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When I'm bored, I usually play a game of Go or Chess. But that's if I'm not alone, if I'm alone I like to read, play Chess (against a chess computer) and daydream.