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When A 10-Year-Old Kills His Nazi Father, Who's To Blame?


Problematic Shitlord
I think what we have hear is a child who was abused, probably quite profusely and constantly surrounded by hateful, vengeful people. He took an idea from a TV show, this to me may show that he was trying to escape his current situation and took fantasy into reality. He clearly wanted to protect himself and others, he said he wanted to stop his father from hurting them.

However, the fact that CPS apparently could not find any abuse through 23 investigations seems to point this kid towards mentally disturbed. If that's the case, they'd be stupid to put him in any sort of detention center, he needs mental help.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I agree this kid needs help not put in jail or when he gets out he will still have problems. I have a feeling his fathers lifestyle did have an effect on this kid. Beer bottles laying around the sofa where he was shot.


Registered Member
The kid is only 10. He's not clearly anything.

I'm not sure what the best way to handle this would be. This may be one of those situations where any option is a bad option, and we just have to figure out which is most likely to have the least bad outcome.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I think here you're criminally responsible from 9yrs old. If it's community service punishment, then children can do it. I don't know about juvenile detention. It seems that this child needs a lot of psycho therapy. The fact that CPS has to be involved in his life so many times, whether they have seen abuse or not, it means something is up. Either way, the parents cannot be held responsible for his actions (anymore). The question shouldn't be who is to blame but what should be done to help this kid.