Wheelchair-bound woman gets up, runs away


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A WOMAN who begged motorists for money along one of the main roads of a town in Mexico got up and made a run for it after breaking a store's window, police said.
Ana Victoria Perez, 30, was often seen on Monterrey's main road, being pushed along in a wheelchair by her husband.
The pair would ask motorists for change at car windows as they were stopped along the road.
Monterrey police told the Associated Press Ms Perez and her husband planned to rob a furniture store on their begging route but were scared off by a security guard.
Instead, they allegedly threw a rock threw the store's window, then legged it.
Police arrested the couple when they returned to the scene - to collect their wheelchair.
They have been charged with vandalism.
Source: Wheelchair-bound woman gets up, runs away | World News | News.com.au

Found this while reading the news, some ideas people get lol.

This story should make me upset due to her faking such a thing, but I'll admit, I lol'd. Some people. Heh.

It sounds like a beginning of an CSI episode. Instead of this just happening though, they discover a dead body after throwing a rock threw the window. Then Caine comes out with some line about:

Caine: The rock...

*puts on sunglasses*

Caine: ...just became deadlier.



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"PRAISE THE LOWD-AH! SHE CAN WALK-AH! Praise Jesus-ah! I can FEEL him-ah! Yes-sir, right here in this very room-ah!"


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Now see this bugs me which is why I don't give money to people on the side of the street. It's all a scam. I'd like to know who she stole the wheelchair from because really that was the first crime as those things aren't cheap.


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Sounds like Lou and Andy from Little Britain. :lol:

That was my immediate reaction. Its a shame the woman was only 30 it would have been more comical if she'd been 80.