whats your x-mas day tradition?


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since i was little at our house weve always had a routine with christmas starts on xmas eve, where we'd watch some festive movies on t.v, have some horlicks, we would each get to pick one smaller present to open before heading off to bed.

X-mas day would begin at 7am with my sister jumping on my bed with our stockings and a selectionbox left outside of each of our rooms, we'd sit, eat chocolate and chat untill about8:30 when we were allowed to wake up mum and dad, we'd go downstairs, parents first and find our piles of prezzies in certain places, with one present each under the tree addresed from santa lol.

that died down a while ago, we kept it up while my little sister was still enjoying it, but shes 14 now and too old for those things lol

i'd just like to know if any of you have a routine, tradtion or fond memory at christmas time :)


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Well it varies, depending on where I'm at.

If I'm at my mom's house for Christmas morning, I wake up (usually around 8 AM) and open presents, stockings etc. Then we just hang out for the rest of the day and screw around with our new stuff, which usually varies from video games, to weird contraptions.

If I'm at my dad's house (which I am this year) we get up around 5 or 6 AM, open stockings and presents, and then mess around with those.

After we're done screwing around after we open presents, we go to the other parent's house to open even more presents.

Sometimes we fancy up the dining room, and have a fancy Christmas Dinner.


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We have a tradition in my house that we always sit on my parents bed to open stockings. It gets harder every year as we get older and there are more of us.

Even though we are 19, 22, and 24 my sisters and I still leave out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Although now instead of milk we leave him a beer.


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haha i like the thought of santa under the influence
its getting hard to detach from the childhood fun times, but no-one seems to get exited about the magic of xmas, its just 'im awake what did you buy me', i want the magic back :( lol
Wake up on christmas day and open stockings with my brother and parents in their room ... Grandparents come round for 'brunch' and we always have the same thing to eat.... Then we open presents a little later in the early afternoon ... Then my grandparents go to my cousins and we stay home and have christmas dinner ... and thats it i guess! Then the next day, boxing day, we give eachother books :nod: and me and my dad spend 11 hours watching lord of the rings.


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Wake up Christmas morning and open up presents.


That's basically it.


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With my family (where I'm the child, not the parent haha), it's a gathering of all the children of my grandparents, and their children. We have a big Christmas tree filled with gifts. Each family member gives a gift to another family member. So let's say we're 17 in the family, you'd have 17x16 gifts under the tree. We used to have dinner for Christmas Eve but now it's moved to Christmas Day so that the aunts/uncles who have their own family can celebrate Christmas with just their small family too. For the Christmas Day, we have a big lunch then we gather around the Christmas tree. We have a small program (children presenting, singing), and then the kids pick up a gift from the tree, read it "To xxx from xxx", afterwhich the the gift is distributed accordingly. When all of the gifts have been read and distributed, we open them at the same time. Then rounds of wrap tearing, ooohs, aaaah, thank you...and we clean up after.


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I usually wake up and go to work. I'm still unsure if I want to work this Christmas or not and if I don't then I'll just be sleeping until I feel like getting up or the dogs wake me up because they have to pee and then watch TV.


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First and formost it is christmas there is no "x-mas" shuder.
So as for me christmas starts with reading the CHRISTmas story the night befor and celibrating the brith of or lord and savior Jesus Christ.


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I'll get up early in the morning to watch the Christmas shows and cartoons and eat some candy. Yes, candy for breakfast! My brother also used to do this, but now I'm the only one. Guess he grew up. lol
Then we get dressed and we go to our grandparents. There we just watch some Christmas stuff, help out in the kitchen or trying to feel up the presents.
Then we sit down and eat :D
Afterwards it's time to open the gifts! When that's done, we just relax, chat, take a closer look on what we got, more Christmas tv stuff and more food. :thumbsup: