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What's your view on the stimulus package?


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Politics aside. Whether your guy won or not. Do you think that the stimulous package is good for our country.

I personally do not. It's way too much money and not enough in it to actually stimulate the economy now.

It's a scary thing to me. I mean how much can America keep borrowing without getting into serious trouble? I know we're already in serious trouble, but I don't see how borrowing what will amount to over a trillion dollars, on top of our current deficit can actually help us.

I'm all for getting the economy kicked into gear. And I believe that there are things in this package to actually do that, but is it enough? And why is there so much in there that isn't going to stimulate the economy now?

So trying to be bipartisan, do you honestly feel that the stimulous package is good for us and are you happy that it looks like the bill will go through?

I for one am not. I'd like them to take a little longer to go through it and eliminate what we really don't need right now.

What says you?


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I think they are absurd. The first 700 billion didn't work so we're just going to try again.

People are trying to save money and the government is openly discouraging that by telling them to go spend it.

If our economy is so messed up that too many people saving money throws things off then maybe we should just bend over and take a swift kick in the pants already. All we are doing with a stimulus package is:

1. Creating monstrous debt for us, our kids, and their kids.
2. Setting absolutely terrible precedents for huge government.
3. Picking at a scab that is our economy. It won't heal if we keep messing with it. If it needs to fail for a bit before it gets better then let it. All the stimulus package is doing is prolonging the inevitable crash.

If the US were a bank customer and they bank had for some reason loaned said customer 700 billion already, you can rest assured that that bank would NOT loan another 800 billion.

Do people even realize that the US national debt is so huge right now that we aren't even able to pay off the interest?

Frankly, I don't care if a stimulus package would work perfectly. We don't have the money so we shouldn't spend it. I feel the same way about credit cards.

I hated the first stimulus package and I'll hate this one too if it goes through. It's like a family who is about to lose their house going out and taking out a loan for a private jet. Absolutely absurd. I wish China would tell us off and not let us borrow any more money.

The worst part is that the primary American tax payers don't have a say in this.


Son of Liberty
Big Corporation Stimulus:

I'm absolutely not for it. I understand that in a Multi-Trillion dollar economy a couple billion dollar stimulus check is nothing more than a drop in the bucket. However it still doesnt solve problems... Its like treating the illness and not curing the disease. The Stimulus wont fix the issue thats causing the money trouble.

Individual Stimulus:

These are even more idiotic. Anyone that is filing their taxes this season is gonna find out where that "Stimuls" checks came from earlier last year.... Yup thats right, it was just an advancement on the money you were gonna get anyway and will be subtracted from your overall Federal Tax Return.


Hell, It's about time!
Quite simply... dumping debt onto debt isn't going to create wealth. A 5 year old could tell you that. I don't see why it's so difficult for Washington to figure it out. :rolleyes: I've said it before... get rid of capital gains tax, lower or abolish the income tax and go to a fair tax, cut spending across the board and drop the corporate income tax from 35% to 3%. Our economy would boom into triple digit numbers. There is no limit to wealth, but there is a limit to debt.

In short... I don't support it.
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A stimulous package wouldn't be necessary if people hadn't spent more than they earned. Paying in virtual currency won't save America it's what got them in this mess in the first place.


Cutting Edge in Murder
First off, Icegoat, the stimulus check from last year does not cut into your refund at all this year. In fact, if you didn't get the full $600 last year, you get a tax credit.

Second off, everyone who's saying that increasing our debt is the worst possible thing to do right now has it completely backwards. Increasing our debt is pretty much the best possible thing for our government to do right now to try to turn the economy around. Now, if you say that you disagree with the spending packages in the stimulus package and would rather see corporate tax cuts, then that's fine. However, tax cuts are functionally the same thing as increasing spending. Our budget hasn't been balanced for 8 years now. Every year we've been deficit spending. So any tax cut that comes around is going to increase the amount of deficit spend we do.

I'm just saying, practically every renowned economist agrees that the best thing for a government to do in the recession is to cut taxes and increase spending. I mean shit, that's what Reagan did, and Republicans love to bring him up as an example of how to fix the economy.