What's your pets breed?


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I have two dogs, one dog is a Maltese breed and the other one is 3 year old German Shepherd.

& I've also got three budgies, I had four before one died.


I am the woolrus
My pet is a mix (we think) between a spaniel (not sure what kind) and a border collie. Everyone always thinks she's a puppy border collie at first sight but she's fully grown.

pics ---->



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Zara is a border collie cross.
Don't know what she's crossed with, Zebidee I think! :lol:

All my Ratties are Rattus Norvegicus, pet Rats generally are.
They're all different varieties though, eg.
Binky is a silver fawn hooded,
Snoof is a black Berkshire,
Angus and Hamish were Siamese dumbos. :wub: