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What's your opinion?


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Calling on all you sports people out there that played sports when you were younger.

My 14 year old Grandson plays baseball. His team made it to the Dizzy Dean World Series last year. I'm so very proud of him.

My son called me today and said that his school wants him to play varsity. He's just a freshman. He says that in a way it's good, he's already lettered in wrestling at school and this would allow him to have a chance to letter in baseball in his freshman year. He's thinking scouts.

As his Meemaw, I'm more concerned about the pressure that might be applied to him in having to compete with kids so much older and stronger than he is.

I think at best he should maybe play Jr. varsity first.

What do you think?


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I'd say let him go for varsity. He'll improve a lot more if he's practicing and playing with/against the best players.


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The Varsity team is no doubt going to give him some awesome experience. But the kids, like you said, are going to be bigger and stronger. That's a given. What you don't want to happen is for him to get discouraged and lose confidence.

And since the kids are the team are older and probably better how much time is he going to get to play? What's to say he's not going to sit on the bench the whole season? For a kid his age he needs to play and play and play some more. He can't be sitting on the bench.

That being said I think Jr Varsity is the way to go as of right now. All the kids on the Jr Varsity team will be within his age group, he'll no doubt get more playing time and probably overall enjoy the experience more so than he would playing with older kids.

He's only 14 so there's no need for him to rush into anything. He just needs to keep playing and getting better. And I think with the Jr Varsity team he'll get that.
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Oh, poppycock.
I would say if the kid thinks he can handle it to get for it. If he really enjoys doing it nothing like pressure should hold him back.


The Hierophant
This comes down to being a big fish surrounded by little fish or a big fish surrounded by little fish. What's to say he won't ride the bench? I'm sure he's good, but do you really think he's good enough to play with kids that much older than he is?

In my opinion, I think he'd do better at junior varsity. Definitely get more play time, anyway. And that's all that sports are about anyway.


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I had a similar experience, during my first year of high school, I was asked to play in the Senior team of Basketball, instead of the Junior Team. I only accepted if I was allowed to play in the Junior team as well. Obviously if both teams played on the same night I played for the Senior team.

I had a bit of pressure playing on the Senior team as a Freshman, I didn't start till the seventh game of the season, after the coach saw what I can do on the court.

I think I made the right decision in joining the Senior team because it helped improve my game, and the competetion was so much better in practice and against other teams.

I think your grandson should join the Junior Varsity team, it's going to give him extra motivation to get better, he might not play a lot, but he'll definitely get experience, and he's going to learn more in practice.


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Not taking chances just because of peer pressure is one of the worst excuses not to do something a person can make. Pressure can make you stronger and if he's that good and surrounded by other players better than him, it's an amazing opportunity for him to develop and become even better at such an earlier age.


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I say go for it. In the end the experience will teach him some valuable lessons. He'll have to work hard, and the pressure will do nothing more than make him a better man later on in life. In this life you have to take chances and opprotunities when they come and then you have to work twice as hard to make them payoff. I think it'd be good for him.


Son of Liberty
Id definitely say Varsity will have the opportunity to do both great things or horrible things to his confidence. Id say have him play Jr. Varsity first. Its a huge learning curve he'll be missing if he jumps from Frosh straight to Varsity. At least in Jr. Varsity he'll be around kids closer to him in age.

I know when I played and practiced with the higher hocley leagues I always excelled when I went back to my age group. So you can bet the longer he's in a varsity spotlight the better he'll be in the long run.