Xbox 360 What's your gamerscore?


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Probably 4300 something. Achievements are nice goals to go for in games but when I begin to play a game solely for achievements I think something is wrong. Or riggin achievements...I do like the achievements though that are earned for going beating a game on a higher difficulty. Adds a little more incentive if you start playing games on harder difficulties (which I do now).

Gears of war I have 9900 kills and then Halo 3 came out. I have yet to go back to get my seriously.

Sidebar: The Halo 3 achievements IMO are terrible compared to Gears of War. I liked kill counts with weapons not splattering a guy with a stupid Mongoose in a FFA match.


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I got Mongoose Mowdown and the double kill with the Spartain Laser in the same match, it was a glorious day.

My gamerscore is 4800, and I'm just a casual type.


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Damn that mongoose mowdown, I haven't had any luck on that one.. yet. I am just playing to get my Spartan Officer rank, and I'll probably quite the Halo 3 MP for a long while. Otherwise I am going to kill someone in real life. As good as I play, on the best days, i still always get screwed by some little punk asshole who plays 24/7.

I was very happy the day i got the 5 grenade sticks though. Last one I got on Halo was the "Maybe next time buddy" where someone jacks your vehicle and you jack it back within 10 seconds. To be fair, I hate MP achievements anyway.

Real skill and commitment testing achievements are ones like in FEAR, beating the game on Extreme, or beating the game on any difficulty but without dying once. If you die, you DON'T get to simply load the last checkpoint, the game has at this point already logged the death to that play through, and you MUST start from the beginning. I did it my first try, but have read stories online of people playing 5 times or more before getting it. Suffice to say, that play through was nerve racking.

Oh, and of coarse the most commitment testing achievement yet IMO. The 7 day survivor one in Dead Rising. You have to play survival mode, you cant save, your health is constantly draining from hunger, and you need to keep scavenging for food, you have to fight other characters to get there food, while trying not to take any damage from zombies or other survivors.

Each game day = 2 hours real time. Meaning 7 days = 14 hours real time that your 360 needs to be left on for, and you gotta babysit it. I spent a WHOLE DAY on that one. It's good bragging rights, but i really hope Dead Rising 2 omits that kinda achievement :lol:


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I have 22503

100% for: Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Hitman Blood Money, Oblivion, Tomb Raider legend, Crackdown and Gears of War. But I'm to average about 700-800G for each game I get now


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On my lovely broke-ass college budget, I've amassed 2500 so far.

Easy points: Samurai Warriors 2. Trust me.