What's your favourite smell?


Sally Twit
It doesn't just have to be a fragrance. It could be a type of food for example.

Mine is the perfume I am wearing right now - Black XS by Paco Rabanne.


Sultan of Swat
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Nice pick Sui. I have to say that my favorite smell has to be my colone it's called Le Sexual and it's smells really good. I also love the smell of a cake being cooked in the oven smells so good.
I like the smell of the interior of a new car. Kinda strange cause I'm not even a car lover. And I also like the smell of a just mowed lawn of grass.


Registered Member
ice surface @ a hockey game
the outdoor country air
the shower


A Darker Knight
I like the smell of my pillow when it's fresh out of the laundry.

So I guess you could say I like the smell of my detergent. :-o


Guardian of the Light
well if it's food then I have to go with an italian buffet but if it's something else I love the smell of rain.