What's your favourite physical feature?


Sally Twit
We are all very critical of our own bodies these days but I think everyone has at least one part of their body that they like.

What's yours?

I am happy with my nose because it's small and doesn't stand out on my face. I know many people that complain about having big or pointy noses but it's never been something I disliked about myself.


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I like my hands. My fingers aren't chubby and rings look nice on them, haha. I've gotten compliments about them although I've not been taking care of them as I used to. :madame:


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I like my hair. It's long and curly, apparently something attractive. I've always thought it was just a pain.


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I used to hate everything about my features but my hubby helped me to love myself for who and what i am, and now i would say my skin because its blemish free all over and as soft as a babies behind, seriously though its baby soft, i love that!!!


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I would have to go with my hair as well. I had it buzzed until i was in grade 8 then i grew it out. Even though its brown people comment on the different colours in it. It flips out at the bottom which i like, and its not too thick, but its not too thin.


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I like my hair as well, when it's long it curls after I come out of the show, but not everywhere, just at the end, it sort of looks like wings from a plane. It's hard to explain. Also when I get it cut, I can do so many things with it.


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I like my eyes, because they're bright green. Only when i've had enough sleep though, otherwise they're a murky dull green.


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There's not a lot about my features that I like at all, but I guess my best features would be my eyes. Not because they're particularly 'pretty' or something :)hmm:), but because I have three colours in mine. They go from blue, to green, to brown. I guess some might call it Hazel or something, but the colours are more definitive. That's why I like them. It's not something a lot of people notice because staring into my eyes isn't a common occurance. :hah: Plus my glasses make it harder to see (light reflection, etc).