What's your favourite/lucky number?


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Do you have a favourite or a lucky number, or maybe even both? If so, why?

I have a favourite number but I don't really have a lucky one. My favourite number is six, simply because I love the way it sounds and feels when I say it. I think it's the "x", it feels so strange but so good when it comes off my tongue. Wierd, I know, but whatcha gonna do? :dunno:


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I dont have a lucky number per say but my favorite number is 72.

12 is my second favorite number.

I have my reasons.
I don't think it's my favourite or lucky, but a number that's always been somewhat significant to me for one reason or another is 56.

If I had to pick a favourite it would be 4 or 147.


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My lucky and also favourite number is 7. I also like any number ending in 7. Its just such a nice stop off between 5 and 10.
No favorite or lucky number here, not even a go-to number. When people ask me to pick a number it's usually whatever pops into my head, and it's usually a one digit number.