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What's your favourite comic?


I love The Lockhorns, Andy Capp and Marmaduke

Dilbert reminds me of where I used to work and that;s Dollar General


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Questionable Content is one of my favorites.

I don't read paper comics anymore, but the only one and easily the best will always be Calvin and Hobbes.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Definitely Archie. I used to have a collection of them. Now I just buy for reading when I travel (if I can find one!).


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Great thread, fractal! I didn't think I'd have a problem choosing, but then people started name-checking stuff like "Calvin & Hobbes", "Archie", "Dilbert", and I realized that I like a whole slew of comics! Initially I was thinking of Marvel and Stan Lee and such--Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four and X-Men...

Having said all that, I'm gonna go with "The Far Side". Or ... No. Dammit. I'm gonna go with "This Modern World".

Hard call! But I LOVE "This Modern World":

Sacrifices must be made! - This Modern World - Salon.com


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Watchmen! one hell of a read. when i got it from my husband, i didn't like it very much the way the story began...but as it went on..mind-boggling!


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I guess I'll revive this thread.

My favorite comic is without a doubt Dilbert, I've been reading it since I was little (my dad used to be a Dilbert fanatic). I love all of the unique characters.

Here's one of my favorites.

:lol: oh it makes me laugh every time.


Family Circus:

It's sweet, it's innocent. No harm, no foul. =)