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What's Your Favorites of 2018


Registered Member
Basically sometimes people's personal preferences changes from time to time.
So now it's like I want to take what can be considered the 2018 census of sports.

What's your favorite sport or sports that you like to watch on TV? Or if you have a chance in person?
If your answer changed from how you felt from the past what was your favorite before?

Any sport whether listed here at Pop Malt or not is included. Examples such as fishing, bowling, car racing, tennis etc.
Even though some people say that wrestling is fake I will even include pro wrestling.. They are stunt men and still do very dangerous things.

Ok the 2018 Census is now started.


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To watch, the NFL

I love fencing, but watching it is boring. Actually fencing (especially saber fencing) is awesome.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
So when I was a kid, in the 90s, I was a huge fan of baseball but my favorites were actually soccer and hockey. As the decade went by, hockey and soccer were replaced by football and baseball. I always enjoyed basketball too but not so much these days.

Right now I'd say hockey and baseball are the top two.


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I was in the USAF during the baseball strike making $390 a month. Players striking while making millions soured me on baseball. I watch from time to time. I love going to a game but I no longer follow the sport.


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My Favorite sport which has not changed is baseball that i follow closest. Then would be football, basketball (hardly) and WWE (which I'm going to read about from time to time.


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Wrestling has always been my first love and my biggest passion and that will never change. Also watching hockey, football and baseball.


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My favorite sport was WWE wrestling from 1987-1993.

But since 1993, I've been an NFL fan. Watching NFL games is my favorite. And I don't think that will ever change.