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What's your favorite wrestling moment?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Whats your favorite wrestling moment? Personally mine is when WCW and ECW what attacking the WWE and Stone Cold didn't know which side to take, and one night he was sitting at a bar thinking what he's going to do, and then Freddie Blastie came and talk to him, and he got motivated, he slammed a pool stick on the bar, and then got in his truck, and went to arena, then started to kick some ass in the back, beat up a couple of EWC people then, went in the ring and started to kick some more ass in there. It was great, and I'll never forget that great WWE moment.


#1 Spammer of FC
My favourite moment would have to be when Eddie Guerrero won the WWE title. I remember that I actually was really happy and that was when I started getting into the WWE again and I remember thinking that this was an amazing story one of the best in the history of the business and after everything Eddie finally reached the top. That was an amazing moment.