What's your favorite/worst day of the week ?

Monday is actualy my favourite day, believe it or not. I can't stand Wensdays since it's the most boring day of my week.


Creeping On You
I always find Sunday evening to be the worst. I got to sleep in dread of the next day MONDAY!!!! However, Wednesday is pretty alright, that day comes pretty fast. and then there's only two more days. Friday is the best though. After working a hard week long of work, it's just so nice to come home and know you can sleep in the next morning. Grab a couple beers, lean back, and RELAX!!


For a Free Scotland
Wednesday is my favorite. On school weeks I don't have to be at school until 9:40. I read and drink coffee at my favorite café, all my classes are amazing. Low stress, I'm around friends all day.

Worst is either Monday or Thursday. Lots of classes, very rushed, always tired at the end of the day.


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Mondays are my least favorite day because that means getting up early for school. My favorite day is Thursday because that means Friday and the weekend is right around the corner.