What's your favorite/worst day of the week ?


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I love Saturdays because I can just relax and I know that I will still have off from work and studies on Sunday. When I was kid I used to have sweets' day and I had them always on Saturday so I guess that's also one of the reasons why I've always liked that day.

I hate Mondays because that means I have yet another hard week to go before my beloved Saturday. :)
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I've never really had favourite or worst days of the week. Seeing as I've never hated school or anything there's no reason for me to like/hate any particular day..


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I dont hate mondays like I use to since I try to do something for MNF. However once the season ends it might turn into my lease favorite day.

In college Tues and Thurs were almost always my favorite days due to course scheduling. I always had a light load on those days.

Now that I work? I enjoy my friday nights. Usually I do something small or casual with a few friends or I stay in. It will sometimes turn into my gaming night. Basically the one night I play games late.

Saturday I always try to do something elaborate and sometimes it tires me out. Sunday I enjoy since its a lazy day...but I hate the feeling of knowing the w/e is over.


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Mondays are the worst for me,its a rather heavy day work wise.
Thursdays are always good as its payday.
Sunday is one of my favourite days,i can either do nothing or if the weather is nice go and have day fishing.


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Tuesday's are my favorite, because I usually get to go out with my friends on it.

My least favorite? Well I don't know. Saturday, probably. All of my friends are working, so it's impossible to do anything on it, usually. And Saturday's are incredibly boring for me in the first place.


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I hate Mondays because that means I've got to close and then Tuesday I have to open.. so when I get home, I have to go right to bed or I'll be dead tired at work.
The best day would be saturday,it is a great feeling after 5 days of school,you just feel free..in addition to that,there would be no school the next day(sunday),that is to say I could stay up as late as I want,and wake up as late as I want.

The worst day would be Sunday,knowing that you're coming off week-end,you have to get up early,and the worst thing is the fact that you still have four days to go..man!


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The worst day is Monday because it's the start of my working week.

The best day is Friday because it's the end of my working week.


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Saturday is my favorite. It's the one day I can relax and do whatever I want. Sunday is my least favorite because I'm usually doing laundry and getting things ready for the week ahead.