What's your favorite/worst day of the week ?


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I think my favorite is Saturday, After been at work all week i get to relax.
Worst day is Wednesday. I find the day always drags and is so boring :shake:


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well, technically I don't get days off with 2 jobs but usually saturday and sunday both for only having to work 4 hrs on my PT job and on saturday I hang out with friends at the local bar/restaurant and sunday I get to watch football!! But when football is over with just saturday then.


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Regardless of jobs and college and everthing, I would have to say I have always liked Wednesdays, I'm not too sure why...
The day I least like would probably have to be Tuesday, because its the day after Monday, and you want the week to end already!


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Favorite is Saturday because its the weekend, and worst would be Monday because I got to go back to work. I don't hate my job, just I like to relax and on Monday I usually still have a hangover or am still tired lol.


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Best is Friday nights, sleeping in on a Saturday morning and going out, hung over on a Sunday too! :)

As for worst day is Monday because that's the day I go back to school & I hate school.


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Wednesday is my favourite day, because that means tomorrow is thursday and once thursday comes theres friday after which brings on the weekend! I haaaate tuesdays, tuesdays are horribley boring.


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When I was in high school, I used to refer to Monday's as "Bull Shit Monday." The reason: everyone was always in a bad mood and kept to themselves because it was the beginning of the week. People just seemed less sociable.
I don't really like Sundays because they still have the 'night before back at school' effect for me, even though I finished school last year. They also mean lots of washing up.

My favourite day is Sunday as well because it means I'm guaranteed a day of no plans. I do sometimes enjoy seeing people but its nice to have one day of the week where I know nobody is going to unexpectedly call me to ask me to do something. Around here, everyone stays home on a Sunday.

I guess its kinda odd that my worst and best day is the same. But you have to understand that for me every other day of the week merges in to one and I often don't know what day it is. :lol:
It all depends on my mood and what's going on but in regards to college I'd say Fridays are the best, either because I get to look forward to doing jack shit all weekend or if there's a big Greek event or gathering at the school.

Worst days are definitely Mondays, meaning I have to redo a whole week all over again.


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Worst day is Monday for obvious reasons. It means the week is just starting and the weekend is so far away. I love Sunday a lot though because it's the ultimate lazy day.