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What's Your Favorite Type of Milk?

Favorite Type Of Milk

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I was wondering to my fellow GF'ers, what is your favorite or most preferred type of Milk?

For myself, I like everything because that's what I mostly drank when I was little. I really can't taste a difference between Skim, Whole, Reduced Fat or other milks really.......except Soy, I think that has a little more sugar in it. What about y'all?


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I like 2%. When I made the switch from whole milk to 2%, I really couldn't tell that much of a difference. But after having 2% for a long time, I was at my mom's visiting and had whole milk and I could certainly tell the difference then.


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I don't know what whole milk is but if it's homogonized milk then thats the one I like the most. Then I would probably rank 2% milk as my second favorite.

I hate skim and soya milk, both are god awful.


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i prefer whole milk

and i can deffinatly taste if its skimmed or semi-skimmed


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I don't like milk on its own, however, I love chocolate milk. I usually go for semi-skimmed in my tea and cereal, however, I do love tea with tinned [condenced] milk in it.

Is this a random thread or what?!! lol


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We get whole and semi-skimmed, but I prefer whole. Don't drink milk that much apart from in tea so it doesn't bother me that its whole fat :p


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I spent most of my life drinking 2%. Then my brother went on a semi-health kick, and wanted to go down to 1%, since he felt it'd be healthier. I figured that if I got used to 1%, since it was in the middle, I'd be okay whenever people only had 2%, 1%, or Fat Free milk.


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I always drink skim milk. I've been drinking that for most of my life, and any other type of milk tastes too rich to me now.


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I voted for reduced fat because I like 1% the most, I think that 2% doesn't taste as good as 1% but skim milk doesn't taste very good either, that leaves 1% as the only good option.

Don't get me wrong 2% is great but 1% is better.