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What's Your Favorite Sport?


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not only for the love of the game, but the skill it takes to do it. Stat tracking is one of my favorite things


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In track there is plenty of stat tracking to be done, I always watch the track events in the Olympics because I like to watch really fast runners.


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My favorite sport is basketball but I like football as well. I used to play both but I was never good enough to go on and play college or anything. My least favorite is baseball cause it bores me to sleep. I'm really looking forward to this NBA season cause my team is the Celtics and they're looking much improved this year.


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My favorite is definitely swimming. Probably just because I'm pretty good at it. Hopefully i'll go to state and dominate this next coming season.
If only I was that good.

I've been a swimmer for as long as i can remember. I started racing later than most of the crazy good swimmers, in high school. (it was actually all because of one of my good friends freshmen year; he ended up quitting sophomore year for bowling.) I ended up ranking like 32nd in my league for the 500 (5:30ish), and somewhere around there for my 200 Free (2:04).

I'm now an "assistant coach" of the swim club here in college.

So yes, I'd say swimming is my favorite sport.


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I used to love swimming, blew a knee out when I was 18 (didnt get it fixed till I was 20)

so I got lazy and kinda fat


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AFL (Aussie Rules)
Athletics (not a sport, but still..)


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I love to play pingpong. Since I'm asian, I'm practically obligated to love it. :cool:
Basketball's pretty fun too.

I like to watch football and basketball.


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my favorite sport is hockey. i love everything about it. i don't play because i still can't skate very well, but i'd love to learn.