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What's Your Favorite Sport?


Well-Known Member
I have always really liked track, I'm not sure why, it's probably because I can run any event, except hurdles, well. Since I love to run it's obvious why track is my favorite sport. If the sport has to have a ball then I would pick Soccer because that is the only sport that I have ever played that involves a ball. Anybody else here have some sports that they really love?


New Member
I love combative sports; Muay Thai and Judo specifically (I guess you could say MMA). Aside from that, basketball, badminton and Olympic weight lifting are at the top of my list.

I pretty much play everything but golf. Used to play badminton, basketball and volleyball competitively.


Heavy Weapons Guy
My favorite is definitely swimming. Probably just because I'm pretty good at it. Hopefully i'll go to state and dominate this next coming season.


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Football is my favorite with all the hard hitting action. The games go by pretty fast and it has a lot to do with mental and physical. No wonder all the players get pay the big bucks.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Basketball is my favorite sport to watch as well as to play. I also like watching (American) Football. I'm not very good at it though so I stick to watching.

I also like watching the Olympics, summer and winter. Looking forward to watching the 2008 Olympics next summer in China (from my TV). :)


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'm strictly a football and baseball man, and I may watch some college Basketball if I'm in the right mood. I could get into what the rest of the world calls football, but it's rarely televised here.


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Soccer is a good sport, it's huge pretty much everywhere except North America. People do get serious about it though, but in order to play at a good professional level outstanding soccer players from North America usually have to go to another continent and play for a foreign countries team


4 legs good 2 legs bad
College football and college basketball are my favorite sports to watch. I've been getting into soccer over the last couple years too.

I love to play any sport. I just love to compete.