whats your favorite section of the forum?



So whats your favorite section of FC? Mine of course would have to be arts and GFX lol, I am by far more active there than anywhere else, maybe subtalk but post dont really count there...

the section im least active in is games, card games, technology, and some other places, i actually foregot we had them..


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I'm most active in MD (big suprise), particularly in the Politics section.

I'm also quite active in Games, Lounge and Sub-Talk. I'm not active in TV+Anime or GFX.


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GFX & Art, Sub-Talk, The Lounge, and maybe the Game and Anime sections from time to time. I rarely go into MD or Sports. But yeah...anywhere where I can have fun with the conversations^^


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I would have to say Sub-talk since that is replied to daily (by others), so I can reply in return. Otherwise, I am active in The Lounge, but somtimes there aren't any new posts for days, lol. I go into the Art thingy, but I'm not too active. Haha, I should start posting some of my work. I took an advanced photoshop class last year (not for school. Eh...had to pay to take it at a community college >.<). But I draw real stuff mostly, hehe. Whoo! I drew a self-portrait a few days ago, and it looked really good! I wanted to try to paint it, but then it turned out to be a big....blobby thing =(

I don't really participate in other things except for MD, but stuff I am interested in has been inactive for a while.


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Mostly in the enterntainment sections. Anime, Music, and games.

Ill make the occasionally post in MD but usually theres too much new topics and posts for me to keep up with in that section. I try to read everyones post thoroughly and critically before I make a post in any topic and the ones in MD get rather lengthy... heh.


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Yeah Oxymoron you have been lacking in the basketball section lol.

My favorite section is basketball, then baseball then football then hockey, that's because I love to talk about sports.

I also like Art and GFX, movie section, and I post a few times in the md section.