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What's Your Favorite Foreign Dish or Food?


New Member
I love Sushi because there are also lots of nice sauces like soy and wasabi that you can dip your food but just make sure you go easy on the wasabi if you don’t want to burn your mouth. haha;)


Registered Member
I like sushi too but only wrapped in nori. But my totally favorite foreign food is Cesar blini and borscht. Sometimes I make it myself but when I do then I use my own sauce for the chicken blini and mostly I use green cabbage in the borscht. I also like more fried onions than carrots

And yeah I know blini tastes better when its fresh but it takes too long to make. When I want some fast then I just wrap it in wet paper towel and nuke it for a minute. It works! :p


Ooh, raw fish? I think I'll pass. As far as a favorite foreign food, off the top of my head I'll have to roll with Garfield and say Lasagna. Although Pizza is up there too, I used to work across from a pizza place that sold by the slice and kind of wore out my taste for it. I still enjoy it once in a long while though.

- Cham


Well-Known Member
Beef Stroganoff, Italian dishes. I think my buds are on the wane. The gravies don't seem to have the tang of old.



Veal, prosciutto, sage, wine... what's not to like? Haha. It's a goddamn mess, but I'm starting to get the hang of it.


Registered Member
I like Gyros. They're a refreshing change of pace on the typical burrito design of food.

As far as non-fast-food complete meal though.......... have to think about that a long time because it's been a long time that I actually went some where to enjoy the food.