What's Your Favorite Flavor of Gum?


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*Can't decide whether to put this in The Lounge or Sub-Talk, but since this topic pretty much only requires a one-word answer...*

Well, I was chewing on this random piece of gum thinking, "man...I wish that this was my favorite flavor instead." Blah...that bitch tasted like wet butt (not that I know what that tastes like. Call it a useless comparision x_x).

My favorite is probably Dentyne Ice Winterfresh (or whatever the green one is) soft chew or big red (the really spicy ones). Yucky. I can't eat those ones in the shell-type thing 'cause they taste like mouthwash-flavored liqourish (sp?)

What's yours?

EDIT: What's Your Favorite FLAVOR of Gum? Sorry.


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Bubbalicious* I like the watermelon flavor as well.

Juicy Fruit as well. And if you want to be a real gum snob, Everest soft gum.


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Bubblegum........I'd have to say the Bubbalicious bubble tape - Sour Apple, Blue Rasberry (I think), and any other sours ones they have.